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Lavendale Farm

Local Attractions

Lavendale Farm has plenty to do if you want to just relax close to “home”. The river is a very peaceful place to walk along. It is completely natural and the only paths are made by kangaroos. In places it is hard going, but finding a nice place to sit on the bank is worthwhile. It is a Wheatbelt river and may be dry in summer, but even then, it is wonderful just enjoying the peace and nature at its rawest.

Always wear boots when walking in the bush. The sandalwood plantation is great to wander through and the animals will always appreciate a scratch behind to ear or a brushing if you are used to horses. The children’s playground is a hit with the kids and parents can relax in the shade of a huge York Gum while watching the children. All of our guests are invited to join us at Animal Feeding time in the evening. Great fun for all the family. This is our only “formal” activity and can take up to an hour.  You will meet all of the animals, hand feed some, chat to others.  We get the children (and adults) as involved as possible.  Most of our animals are undomesticated farm animals, but some are just here for loving. At various time there are baby lambs, goats and calves, but not necessarily all year round. We also feed the ostrich and the ducks and chickens at this time. There are other things that we do to look after our animals and our guests are welcome to help if they want, but we do not have other scheduled, formal activities.

Lavendale Farm is an ongoing project. We are always adding to our facilities and our animal family.

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York: The historical town of York is 10 minutes from Lavendale Farm. Some of the more well known attractions are the Motor Museum; The Old Gaol and Court House; the Residency Museum; The Mill gallery; Avon Walk Trail and Swinging Bridge. The historical village of Greenhills only 15 minutes drive away has a great country pub. For latest information visit or phone 08 9641 1301. Check out what is on in York at

Beverley: Less than 15 minutes away and offers the Avondale Discovery Farm, a must to see in the area, but always check for opening times. The Aeronautical Museum; take a glider ride. The Dead Finish Museum has some very interesting pieces on early settlement in the area. For latest information visit or phone 08 9646 1555.

Northam: This is a major regional centre and only 30 minutes from Lavendale Farm. It has many shops and businesses. Also built on the Avon River it stages the beginning of the annual Avon Decent in August each year. Hot air Ballooning over the Avon Valley departs from the Northam Airfield. For latest information write