So much to do on the farm!  Or simply RELAX.

Lavendale Country Retreat has plenty to do if you want to just relax close to “home”. The river is a very peaceful place to walk along. It is completely natural and the only paths are made by kangaroos. In places it is hard going, but finding a nice place to sit on the bank is worthwhile. It is a Wheatbelt river and may be dry in summer, but even then, it is wonderful just enjoying the peace and nature at its rawest.

Always wear boots when walking in the bush. The sandalwood plantation is great to wander through and any sheep we have left will always appreciate a chat over the fence if they are not too shy. The children’s playground is a hit with the kids and parents can relax in the shade of a huge York Gum while watching the children.

We have a few animals, for a limited time,  who we feed in the afternoon in our stable area, and guests are welcome to attend, but this is not a “formal” activity.  Just catch us there if you want to meet some of the farm animals. It can be great fun, and sometimes educational.  On weeknights, this might be a much simpler process, but there is always the opportunity to meet the sheep and cattle. Most of our animals are undomesticated farm animals, but some are just here for loving. We are in the process of completely de-stocking and anticipate that by the end of November 2022 there will be no animals left on the farm.

 We do not have other scheduled, formal activities.

Lavendale Country Retreat is located about half way between York and Beverley. Half an hour from Northam and an hour from Toodyay.  All great towns to explore.

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Lavendale Country Retreat